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Expediting the time it takes for you to get urgent medical care

Sponsored Project Fall 2018

This project was done as a group for a TDS sponsored class with DiDi Chiuxing at Art Center College of Design in fall 2018. The concept and user scenario was built as a group, and I was in charge of interior and user experience of the vehicle. In this project, our group tried to think of a way to utilize the network of shared autonomous mobility and connectivity to make people's life better. And we came up with a user case scenario in medical transportation.

The emergent medical transportation system in China has a lot of problems. It is very expensive, exposed to risk of fraudulent, and most importantly it is not very time efficient. It is very unlikely that an emergency vehicle on a road in Shanghai would get a right of way. Also, it takes time already for emergency vehicles to make a trip to the patient before patient even start getting a medical service.

However, if we use the vast network of autonomous shared vehicle that DiDi already has all over the city, we can turn one that's closest to the patient into a temporary emergency vehicle right away. In addition to that, by using connectivity with other mobility and also the road infrastructure, the emergency vehicle would be prioritized on the road so it can cut so much more time for a patient to get initial medical service. Though this service is not meant to replace the traditional medical transportation system, it would provide a good alternative solution for those people who need urgent medical transportation in the city


Camaro on Electric Steroid _ All Road Cross Over

Viscom 6 Summer 2019
American muscle car has been a symbol of youth and passion for young American people for a long time. As the whole auto industry is shifting from patrol engine to electric motor, I envisioned how electrified Camaro should look and feel like to appeal to both of the traditional purists and new generations.In my opinion, the new Mach-e was too soft and subtle for a muscle car market audience to accept it as true muscle car. Even though the drivetrain is electrified, I believe that the look and feel of Camaro-E should still feel aggressive and bold

Home Invitation

HHCP Internship Spring 2019

Automotive industry’s paradigm is shifting dramatically by the autonomization. In the future, cars are no longer just a mean of transportation, but it will be re-defined as extension of personal space. In this project, I studied ways to merge architectural design cues in automotive form.

Sketch Wall

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